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Today, people are more aware of the importance of green areas for air quality and for maintaining good environmental conditions . This represents, without a doubt, a business opportunity. There is, in fact, a growing concern with harmonizing and humanizing the environments where people live and coexist in groups, whether at work or during leisure time. This has led to the allocation of a larger portion of spending not only by individuals, but also by the public sector, for investment in the ambiance of urban spaces.


The list of services offered by a gardening company is wide, and may involve all the previous planning of a garden, from pruning at the right time, soil research, and pest control, to adequate fertilization. Besides private homes, the target audience for this business is, for example, condominiums in general, leisure clubs, educational institutions, public offices, and companies. Especially in the big cities, segments related, for example, to garden maintenance, execution and elaboration of landscape projects, sports turf, services for leisure clubs, and indoor arrangements with special plants for interiors, can be explored.


But to stand out in this kind of business, it is necessary to combine good service with good equipment. In a market as competitive as the one for service provision, agility, quality, and savings in time and resources are indispensable for the satisfactory progress of the work. Therefore, it is essential to have high-performance machines and tools designed to reduce operating costs in landscaping and gardening services.


The importation of gardening machines often responds to the need to bring to national soil technologies that are not yet produced here and that present a good cost-benefit. In addition to the outright purchase of these machines, companies also have the option of renting them temporarily. Being aware of these types of opportunities can represent an excellent competitive differential in the market, allowing you to offer more affordable prices compared to the competition.


But importing is a complex process, guided by its own laws and procedures. With that in mind, in today’s post, we continue our series “
” and show some of the fundamental machines for gardening services and some of the main aspects behind importing this equipment. Read on to learn more!


Check out some of the most popular machines in gardening


What are the most important machines for gardening services? Check out our list below with the answer to this question.



The chainsaw is used for pruning and cutting trees, and is an essential machine in gardening services. Generally, professional chainsaws run on gasoline.



The brushcutter is used for trimming the grass and is therefore another essential item in gardening. It is available in electric and gasoline models. The latter is the most suitable for professional purposes, because it generally has more power and offers greater autonomy (not requiring the presence of a wire to limit movement through the space).


This is a machine used to crush, grind, mince, and disintegrate materials such as forage and leftover leaves and twigs. Its use is related to recycling and the production of organic fertilizer. As such, it plays an important environmental role by giving a new use to matter that would otherwise end up in the trash!


The sprayer helps to keep gardens and vegetable gardens always very green, with proper application of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and foliar fertilizer. In addition, it can be used to humidify plants.


Leaf blower

The leaf blower is an important machine for garden maintenance and cleaning. As the name implies, the tool performs the sweeping/collection of leaves and grass clippings, speeding up the cleaning of gardens and parks.


There are two types of blowers – gasoline-powered, ideal for activities in open environments, far from the power grid, and electric, which needs to be plugged in, but, on the other hand, is free of gas emissions, light, and silent.


Multifunction machines

Currently, there are machines that combine single functions in one piece of equipment: brush cutter, edge trimmer, high pruner, hedge trimmer, soil cultivator, and blower. For example, the tiller prepares land for planting by opening furrows and fluffing hard, compact soil. In addition, it prepares soils with compost and fertilizers.

This type of machine can be a good investment for companies providing gardening services.



Imported Garden Machinery Rental

Often, renting imported machines proves to be an economically viable and advantageous option, since it allows you to take advantage of expensive machines without having to buy them. According to the Brazilian legislation, the process allows the leasing of goods for a maximum period of 100 months, with total or partial suspension of taxes; at the end of the agreed period, the equipment returns abroad without modifications.


First of all, you have to check if the country from which you intend to rent allows this operation with the Brazilian state – that is, if there is legal authorization. In Brazil, the allowed equipment is listed in Normative Instructions No. 1,466, 1,361, and 285. To carry out the operation, the importer must formalize an Administrative Process, through the presentation of the Temporary Admission Application (RAT), before requesting the registration of the Import Declaration (DI).


Tips for importers

Now, if you intend to purchase and import machines for gardening, be aware of the logistical and legal procedures. Next, we list some tips for companies that wish to bring such machines to national soil.


Import Radar

In order for your company to be able to start export and/or import activities, it must be registered with the so-called “Radar de Importação” (Customs Intervening Party Tracker). This is a mandatory system of the Federal Government, which allows individuals and companies to conduct foreign trade operations.

To do this registration, it is necessary to gather a series of documents. If everything is in conformity, the company now has access to another system, the Integrated Foreign Trade System(Siscomex), through which it monitors the entire import process.

A Normative Instruction no. 1288/2012 is the reference legislation that lists the documents required for legal entities wishing to perform import activities – among them are documents of incorporation of the company, documents of the legal representatives, proof of paid-up capital stock, company certificates, digital certificate for the company and legal representative. On average, it takes up to 10 days to get the authorization.

Contract with the supplier company

The import of light gardening machines falls into the category called “capital goods”. Since these are items that often have an elevated value, it is important to take every precaution to make a safe import without financial loss.


During the conclusion of the contract, it is important to include all possible details, such as technical requirements, responsibility for transport and insurance, warranty in case of damage, delivery time, forms of payment, among other factors. The so-called “incoterm” is another fundamental document. In it, risks of damage, logistical costs, insurance, etc. are foreseen.


If you need to import or rent machinery for gardening services and are thinking of doing it yourself, filling out the forms and gathering the necessary documents on your own, be aware that this is a risky option and your application may end up being denied. This is a complex issue, which needs a technical performance, from someone who understands the subject.


Know that you can count on Open Market‘s expertise. For more than 20 years in the market, we offer intelligent solutions in foreign trade management. With services in the import and export area, we guarantee total control of these processes. Want to know more? Contact us right now and we will be happy to answer your questions!


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