Two types of people wake up every day, one who just goes with the flow and one who seeks solutions that bring better results. We know well that you excel in this daily struggle, don’t we?

And to win within the competition involving the supplier market and the import and export action, some tips are valuable. One of them is how to find the best suppliers, and with that in mind we research, study and separate the best information for successful imports.

In this post it will be possible to discover and understand more about qualified suppliers and extract the best opportunities for your partnerships, so keep reading this article and learn more about it!


Let’s get to the facts… These operations basically have two main pillars, which are: satisfying customers and guaranteeing that there will be profits in these actions so that it is a beneficial business for both sides.

And to unite everything in one thing, all it takes is a certain feeling together with analyzes to define good products with the best suppliers, as this is the basis of everything.

Talking about the national issue, the Brazilian market is not considered self-sufficient, therefore it depends even more on outsourcing its suppliers from other countries. Because of this issue, companies often force themselves to look for raw materials or products abroad.

It is important to have a good portfolio of reliable suppliers, making the chances of success in your business more accessible.

TIP NUMBER ONE: Understanding

We will start with the most theoretical part, after all, we need to know what we are talking about before moving on to the attitudes of conquering the ideal supplier.

It is important to identify the different types of existing suppliers and the characteristics of each one, in order to know which are the ideal allies for your business. Then follows a brief explanation of each of them.

Wholesalers: these are the ones who usually buy from distributors or manufacturers to sell to smaller companies, they are best known for operating in the retail sector.

Distributors: the supplier of this format is considered the point of contact, linking manufacturers and customers. These work mainly with wholesalers or retailers, but not directly with consumers.

Manufacturers: as the name implies, they are responsible for the manufacture of products for import. This format offers the lowest cost, but on the other hand, they may require a higher purchase price to start trading.

Now knowing better how each of them works, it is also worth analyzing which one pays more in each circumstance. For example, the prices offered by distributors, despite being higher, allow for greater flexibility in negotiating lower volumes.

It is recommended the development of a spreadsheet to facilitate the visualization and comparison between each one of them. Here begins the organization to obtain the best results.

TIP NUMBER TWO: How and where to find it?

After the initial organization, we can continue the search. It is still necessary to verify this pre-selection among the suppliers and add more information to guarantee the origin and if in fact the chosen ones can be considered reliable.

Information such as the year of foundation and structuring in a physical location adds more credibility to the company. As a means of certifying yourself, there are a few options, such as having someone you know in the country of supply, he can be very useful to obtain more information.

It is worth noting that this will not always be possible, but in your country of origin it is also possible to make contacts, especially at events and fairs. There is also always the possibility of resorting to an online means, such as using research tools. Google Maps, for example, is perfect for visualizing the location through street view.

Who is not seen is not remembered! So, as mentioned, fairs and events are of great importance.

Being present at fairs and events, both national and international, is a great opportunity to learn more about suppliers and build strong networking. Remembering that this also strengthens the credibility of your company.

Even the place where it takes place also serves as an object of analysis, as events and fairs in Brazil can indicate that this is a good market for demand, or even that they are looking for partners. All these aspects facilitate direct contact with team members and a greater understanding of intentions and interests.

And for the end of this part, certificates are the keyword. Whoever owns it, makes a point of showing it. This is attractive and shows levels of quality in the service provided. It is worth adding this item to the investigation list.


TIP NUMBER THREE: supplier quality

We know that the search for suppliers is based on a lot on cost reduction, but when it comes to successful negotiations and partnerships, quality and deadlines also become very important details. So the search is directed to the most SUITABLE and not just the CHEAPEST.

For quotation, a good description of your product is required, it is even valid to send a photo of the product along with the request.

Faster responses are highlighted at this point, after all, there is not much time to be wasted waiting for returns and this shows the supplier’s commitment to closing a partnership.

At this point, it is indicated that the negotiation between prices and possible payment methods has already been carried out.


TIP NUMBER FOUR: Use every tool to your advantage

As we already mentioned, Google Maps searches are a good way to find out more about suppliers, using easy access to technology.

Remembering about being seen and remembered, other viable options are LinkedIn and Google Business. Here’s the tip, even, so that your company is also there.

If you want easy access to the best suppliers, contact Open Market. We can assist you in every step of the import process, and we fulfill every necessary requirement.

Contact us and speak directly with an expert. Let’s start the best planning for your import in an uncomplicated way!

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